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Hub Design NY Branding


Hub Design Branding 

How does Skouter Digital create branding for Hub Design, New York based art consultancy company, and build a consistent brand strategy?

The Challenge 

Hub Design NY, a New York-based art and design company, was facing a significant challenge. As a newly established business, it had no brand identity or character, making it difficult for them to differentiate itself in a crowded market. To achieve success, they needed a branding approach that would help them connect with their target audience and stand out in their target markets.



What We Did

To create a branding approach that would resonate with their target audience, we started with a comprehensive market analysis. This analysis allowed us to understand the competition in the market and identify areas where Hub Design NY could differentiate itself. We then developed a brand positioning strategy that focused on creating a luxury brand that was still approachable.

To achieve this positioning, we identified key brand values that we wanted to communicate, such as authenticity and reliability. These values were incorporated into all branding and communication instruments, including the logo design, website design, and marketing collateral.

To ensure that the brand was also perceived as reliable, we developed a strategy to position Hub Design NY as a trusted source for authentic art pieces. This strategy included developing a certification process that authenticated the origins of the art pieces and their authenticity.

Website and Digital Assets

In addition to the branding approach, we also created a comprehensive website and social media strategy to ensure that Hub Design NY's new brand identity was fully integrated across all platforms.

We started by designing a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflected the luxury and elegance of the brand. The website was designed to showcase the art pieces in a way that was both engaging and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action for visitors to learn more about the artists and their work.

hubdesign-website-photo (1)

The Results

The branding approach we developed for Hub Design NY helped them to achieve significant results. By positioning itself as a luxury but approachable brand, they were able to connect with its target audience and stand out in its target markets. They also became a trusted source for authentic art pieces, which further differentiated them from their competition.

As a result of our branding approach, Hub Design NY was able to increase its revenue and grow its business. Their brand now has a strong and unique identity that sets them apart from other art and design companies, making them a top choice for clients seeking authentic and high-quality art and design services.

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