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Breath Hub Social Media Management


Breath Hub Social Media Management

How Skouter Digital helped Breath Hub drive an increase of %210 engagement on their social media platforms?


The Challenge 

Skouter Digital was responsible for the social media management for the first personalized breathing app, Breath Hub. Our services for the guided breath working app are social and content, as well as social advertising.

Breath Hub faced a challenge with their social media management. Their social media channels were not aligned, and their content was not reaching their target audience. They were missing out on engagement opportunities, and their social media activities were disorganized.

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What We Did

To overcome these challenges, Breath Hub reached out to our social media management team. Our team identified the need to create a social media roadmap and a content funnel. We needed to align all channels with each other and understand channel-based activities.

The first step was to create a social media roadmap. We defined the goals and objectives for each social media channel and identified the target audience for each channel. This helped us to understand the unique requirements of each channel and create tailored content for each platform.

Next, we created a content funnel that allowed us to generate repurposed content for all social media channels based on consumer behavior. By understanding what types of content resonated with the target audience, we were able to create high-quality, engaging content that drove traffic and increased engagement.

To align all channels with each other, we analyzed the existing content and repurposed it to suit each channel's unique requirements. We focused on optimizing the content to suit the platform, including adjusting the image sizes, video lengths, and overall messages.


The Results

In just six months, our efforts paid off. The engagement rate on Breath Hub's social media channels doubled, with a 210% increase in engagement rates and the total number of followers increased by more than 20%. The social media channels were now aligned, and the content was resonating with the target audience.

In conclusion, by creating social media roadmap, content funnel, and understanding the unique requirements of each social media channel, we were able to transform Breath Hub's social media management. Our efforts doubled the engagement rates and increased brand visibility.

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